Asprey’s asbestos look-up app links to Asprey’s Asbestos Management module, with immediate access to your asbestos register and its data for any authorized operative, from any location, at any time.

Asbestos Lookup App

Once the app is downloaded, simple search features can locate an asset, view all the inspection data related to that asset and drill into detailed sample information.


No training required! simple and intuitive to use.


Whilst giving access to the asbestos register for any operative requiring it, the app tracks all data access from all users, leaving a detailed audit trail of who has accessed what, and when.

Available at a single one-off cost to your organisation with no associated annual support fees.  This asbestos lookup app can be simply and quickly downloaded for both Windows and Android devices by your internal or external operatives. You remain in total control of granting such users access to relevant asbestos data.​

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