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Decent Homes and Housing Quality

Proactively manage condition standards (Decent Homes, Welsh, Scottish and local standards) interactively with their costs, to optimise spend whilst ensuring you achieve the optimal standard of quality from available funding. Ensure that economies of data collection and maintenance are built into survey designs and works reporting. The robust methodology of Asprey systems provides assurance in this complex management area.


Energy Management

Calculate energy efficiency and produce SAP scores from Minimum Rd Sap and EPC data, and produce Energy Performance Certificates.

What If Scenarios visualise the results of energy efficiency works programmes, or energy efficiency improvements from other associated programmes.


Cost Forecasts

View, report and analyse cost forecasts over any time period and at any level of detail.

What if scenarios and user friendly drilldown functions provide intelligent works planning and analysis, for exceptional decision support including cost smoothing for budget management.



Benefit from efficient and intuitive on-site data collection with in-built validation features and a dedicated post-collection data validation process, ensuring you maintain data confidence.

Operating on or offline with appropriate security for true remote working.

Providing the data management, analysis and reporting that professionals demand


  • Decent Homes, WHQS, SHQS and local housing quality management

  • Maintenance cost projections and works planning functions

  • Energy data management and EPC production

  • Scenario modelling for decision support and effective business planning

  • Estates management

  • Mobile surveying for stock condition surveys with in-built data validation

  • Comprehensive reports with drill-down and desktop analysis

  • Easy data maintenance


  • Easy to use, commercially proven solution that simplifies the complex

  • Manage assets from any location

  • Simple data maintenance functions including bulk uploads with data validation and data integrity features for data confidence

  • Improves decision making and provides decision evidence

  • Powerful reporting and data analysis functions for improved decision support

  • Cost-effective solution offering immediate ROI

  • Improves understanding of asset management complexities and viable solutions

  • Rapid deployment utilising our consultants’ extensive social housing knowledge and expertise

Flexible, highly functional and ever-improving  solution

Asprey Asset Management

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