Compliance Management


Comprehensive Social Housing Compliance

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Providing the data management, analysis and reporting that professionals demand


  • Comprehensive and commercially proven web solution to manage compliance from any location.

  • Flexible configuration options to manage ANY type of regular inspection requirement

  • Real time updates and reporting

  • Detailed programme financial and budgetary management for all service & inspection activities

  • Traffic light warnings for risk, as well as time and cost measures

  • In-built key business controls and workflow/mail-merge functions

  • Bulk import and export functions and mobile data collection with in-built validation

  • Easy data maintenance


  • Easy to use, commercially proven solution that simplifies the complex

  • Manage compliance from any location

  • Simple data maintenance functions including bulk uploads with data validation and data integrity features for data confidence

  • Improves decision-making and provides decision evidence

  • Powerful reporting and data analysis functions for improved decision support

  • Cost-effective  and transformative solution offering immediate ROI

  • Improves understanding of compliance management complexities and viable solutions

  • Rapid deployment utilising our consultants’ extensive social housing knowledge and expertise

Functional and responsive solution

Asprey Compliance

Simple solution for risk management



Schedule, cost and manage all property visits, whilst providing workflow and purpose to staff and contractors involved. Achieve economies of cost and effort by this central hub for any servicing, inspection or material visit activity. Retain evidence and, where necessary, costs of this key compliance activity area.



Robust recording to defined standards provides pertinent information for all parties potentially impacted by asbestos and retains an access record to ensure contractors and staff use available information. Minimise the data collation and entry burden whilst maximising your compliance performance with Asprey's proven product.

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We also offer a an innovative Asbestos lookup app!


Fire Risk


Maintain records of all fire risk assessments economically, for ease of access by users and as evidence of your organisation's compliance with available statutes and best practice in fire risks.



Our Legionella software helps your specialists keep track and manage your exposure to risks associated with water. 

Survey components with a risk of legionella and create actions along with assessments and photos. 

Linking to our service and inspection modules for ongoing water temperature checks and regular component inspections.


Asset Safety and Incident Management

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Our asset safety functionality, available as part of Compliance Management or as an independent solution, allows storage of property health & safety inspections and provides a traffic light warning system of risk levels and actions required.

Designed to manage regular property health & safety checks, this module helps manage the data and any required actions from user defined risk assessments.


HHSRS & Habitable Homes

Asprey’s asset management solution deals with HHSRS reporting for Decency, but the widening of existing tenants’ compensation rights and coverage of all dwellings introduced by the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 substantially alters landlord responsibility for HHSRS management.

The HHSRS App (for both Windows and Android devices) provides full guidance to any staff carrying out HHSRS assessments, ensuring rational yet comprehensive assessments are undertaken and evidenced, with automatic calculation of scores, bands and evidence.  Assessment data can be uploaded live to Asset Safety from any location. 


Check out our innovative compliance apps for workforce mobilisation!