Component Accounting

Asprey's component accounting module integrates with our core asset management system or Excel template data sources, to initiate asset/component replacements at source from works or maintenance records.


Our component accounting system is designed to ensure that ongoing component changes are matched between finance and asset management records to ensure that real and accounting lifecycle differences can be anticipated and reconciled.

The program interprets inputs to manage depreciation and grant amortisation at component level, whilst maintaining a reliable control account for reconciliation to the organisation’s nominal ledger.

The primary benefit is having a component accounting system where changes are tracked from works records of changes rather than from less detailed or less prompt invoices. Another benefit is the ability to link recorded maintenance and investment budgets, and related expenditure, more closely to finance department records. 

  • All common depreciation methods including ad-hoc write downs

  • Period control accounts

  • Register of asset components and changes

  • Period general ledger journal entries

  • SORP compliant

  • Tailored reporting—fully filterable to Microsoft Excel

  • Links to various electronic data sources

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