Asprey Contracts

Straightforward management of complex programmes

Flexible solution to meet today's complicated programme management challenges
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Planned & Cyclical Works

Whether managing discrete projects or multiple high value programmes, this solution delivers improved visibility of programmes, improved control, improved management of variations, risk and process as well as improved financial  handling of works.

Servicing Contracts

Whether activities are outsourced or internally managed, or a combination of the two, our solution ensures effortless yet rigorous management of ALL servicing and inspection regimes.  Comprehensive business controls and dedicated financial management of programmes offer exceptional benefit.


Dedicated and integrated financial management functions ensure budget costs, variations, scope and quality can be managed rigorously with multiple authorisation limits, on-screen controls and complete auditability for comprehensive cost control.


Real time on site updates from mobile functions as well as easy to use bulk import features with in-built validation offering unified and efficient data management.


Optional web pages for corporate web sites or tenant portals with on-line works search and tenant satisfaction pages and automatic feeds to KPI reports.

Asprey Contracts

Manage all of your contracts in one single location

Easy management of multiple contractors and programmes


  • Real-time updates and reporting with instant access to summary and detailed data

  • Traffic light warnings for time and cost measures

  • Component cost and multiple SOR management

  • Comprehensive financial and budgetary management with forecast cash flows

  • In-built key business controls

  • Variation, risk and process management

  • Defect liability and warranty management

  • Tenant self-serve portal options


  • Easy to use, commercially proven solution that simplifies the complex

  • Manage assets and works from any location

  • Improves communications with transparency of information across the organisation and to third parties

  • Simple data maintenance functions including bulk uploads and mobile options with in-built validation for simple administration

  • Drives efficiency improvements and effectiveness of management processes

  • Flexible configuration options to support and/or transform current business processes

  • Delivers works and fiscal clarity

  • Rapid deployment utilising our consultants’ extensive social housing knowledge and expertise

Transforms your operations Immediate ROI

An intuitive solution in use by RSLs managing both large and small works programmes

Asprey Contracts
Comprehensive functions delivering exceptional benefits to works management from initial planning to financial completion.

Pragmatic Project Management