Asset Management + BI

Asprey Asset Management is an indispensable solution that covers all aspects of the asset management spectrum. 

Our established asset management  system contained all of the standard data management and reporting features you would expect, but now provides unique and powerful business intelligence features:

Complete solution with web-based dashboards and business intelligence portal for investment appraisal.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Portal  (AMI)

Provides web-based, real-time dashboards displaying pertinent information and analytics, as well as simple icon driven navigation to modules.  Ensures that useful information is readily available to managers, teams, counter staff, Executives and Boards, to improve communications and collective efforts across your organisation.

Asset Values for Option Appraisal

Fully understanding your assets from numerous viewpoints is key to demonstrating sound custodianship and making intelligent investment decisions.  Asprey Asset Management brings state of the art business intelligence tools, backed by a wealth of experience in social housing and financial analysis, providing you with the keys to unlock unsurpassed levels of information about your housing stock.

  • Central switchboard

  • Analytics

  • Drilldown dashboards

  • Asset Values

  • Option Appraisal

  • Survey data repository

  • Decent Homes

  • Housing Quality

  • Cost Forecasts

  • EPC & Energy

  • Asbestos Register

  • What If? Scenarios

  • Works Planning 


  • Intuitive and user friendly

  • Topical Data Explorers

  • Powerful search features

  • Vast standard reports library

  • Ad-hoc report generation

  • Drilldown  desktop analysis

  • Cut and  paste functions

  • Drag and drop features

  • Bulk export functions


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