Many of our English clients have seen a marked increase in tenant disrepair claims and many legal firms are marketing services for related claims & compensation to social housing tenants.

Asprey’s asset management solution deals HHSRS reporting for Decency, but the widening of existing tenants’ compensation rights and coverage of all dwellings introduced by the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 substantially alters landlord responsibility for HHSRS management.

Traffic light risk warnings provide immediate visibility of issues; coupled with dedicated task management functions they allow proactive management alongside a comprehensive range of reports.

HHSRS for Habitable Homes

Adding to its compliance management offering, Asprey has released a new Asset Safety system (a multi-functional solution covering many areas of health and safety including incident management).  This solution, with linked mobile data capture, provides efficient data capture and proactive issue management functions, as well as features to assist in the management of disrepair claims.

The HHSRS App (for both Windows and Android devices) provides full guidance to any staff carrying out HHSRS assessments, ensuring rational yet comprehensive assessments are undertaken and evidenced, with automatic calculation of scores, bands and evidence.  Assessment data can be uploaded live to Asset Safety from any location.    ​

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