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"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency"


                                                                     Bill Gates

The Asprey Asset Portfolio Manager  provides a wide range of extensive, flexible, fully integrated modules, with a consistent look and feel, to manage all of the key processes required by today’s modern social housing enterprises.

This exceptional offering can be implemented as a complete solution or as discrete elements, and surpasses all of the usual standard functions offered by its competitors (ie asset management, planned maintenance, compliance management, asbestos, fire risks, safety, servicing & inspection, and component accounting), with superior BI & analytics. 

With its easy to use advanced functions, this solution is uniquely positioned to help social housing enterprises meet their complex management demands through its comprehensive BI analytics interface across all modules (including earnings NPVs and strategic value calculations), to ensure an organisation-wide consensus on asset status as well as individual values and value drivers.

Being more than just software suppliers, our cost-effective offering ensures that your organisation is provided with the best industry specific practical advice available regarding the mix of functions you may wish to employ.  Alongside our extensive training options, support and advisory services, we ensure a comprehensive solution is provided to each client.

In addition to open API’s our solution architects and integration specialists are on hand to advise and assist with interfacing to existing systems. 

With its powerful Business Intelligence and Reporting portal, access to information and data has never been so easy. 

Ease of use and maintenance, real time updates, automation, and enterprise wide transparency of information and data, are key design features.

In addition to a delivery methodology that can help transform your organisation and ensure independence on product use, Asprey offers a wide range of supporting consultancy services for asset management.

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