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Asset Management

Ground-breaking Cloud solution, from the authors of Estatepro 


Simplifying complexity to manage assets from any location

A Superiorly Designed Solution

The Assurance of Excellence


Power and speed with an integral business intelligence portal for innovative reporting and analytics, providing prompt access to insightful information.  Data validation features and data audit functions ensure forecasting integrity and reporting confidence coupled with improved decision making.

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Decent Homes & Housing Quality

Proactively manage property condition standards, interactively with costs, to optimise property standards economically.

Simply model the impact on property standards utilising numerous factors.

Wind Turbines

Energy Efficiency & Zero Net Carbon

Measure and plan for energy efficiency and zero net carbon.

Powered by Intelligent Energy from SAVA with innovative business intelligence and planning tools dedicated to this complex area.

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Cost Forecasting & Works Planning

View, report and analyse cost and works forecasts over any time period, to any level of detail.


Simple to use modelling features provide intelligent works planning alongside budget smoothing.

A simple solution


Delivering simple to use functions for this complex management area, our  solution offers can help you consider current position and trends of Housing Quality, Energy and costs for comprehensive asset management planning coupled with exceptional decision support.

With exceptional works planning functions, users can plan for optimum Decency/Housing Quality standards alongside retrofit and other works, and ambitious energy and zero net carbon targets.


Easy to use, commercially proven solution that simplifies complexity to manage assets from any location.

Innovative in-built BI features delivers prompt access to pertinent insightful information


Extensive and efficient data maintenance and rationalisation functions.

Ensures forecasting integrity, decision effectiveness and reporting confidence


Delivers simplified and streamlined administration, driving operational cost and time savings


Provides transparency of performance information across the organisation offering immediate ROI.

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