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Mobile Working

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Reliable data collection for informed decisions and management processes is a major cost for most landlords.

Asprey Mobile offers a dedicated solution covering all functional areas of Asprey Assets.

You have questions we can help you answer

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Simple on-screen functions and guidance for surveyors and assessors along with in-built validation functions supported by multiple post-collection data validation options, Asprey Mobile ensures that users have reliable and accurate data for on-going use.

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Asset Management

Rationalised and efficient data collection with comprehensive validation.  New survey or validate existing data. 

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Full range of compliance assessments, re-inspections and live service updates for holistic compliance management         

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Live on-site works updates from contractors and operatives for real time works progress and performance management

  • Stock condition surveys

  • Minimum Rd Sap 

  • Full EPC

  • Void inspections

  • Estate inspections

  • Corporate asset inspections

  • Commercial building inspections

  • Ad-hoc list surveys

  • Live servicing updates

  • Asbestos, Fire Safety and Legionella assessments

  • Asbestos, Fire Safety and Legionella

  • re-inspections

  • Annual property MOT

  • Health & Safety Inspections

  • Guided HHSRS Assessments

  • Access programme information including tenant hazard warnings and asbestos information

  • Make live programme and works updates

  • Obtain client work sign off

  • Commence defect liability and populate warranty data

  • Responses to any additional completed works questions

Effortless and Effective

With simple design tools ensuring sensible question flow, multiple data validation options, and in-survey evidence and photo collection, Asprey Mobile delivers immediate ROI with reduced administration, survey duration and substantiated data validity.

Economical and easy to use

Mange surveys from any location

Reduces administration and survey time

Rationalised data collection for reporting confidence

Multiple design and data validation options

Empowered by Innovation

Our continued investment in producing exceptional solutions for our clients means we are always searching for ways to improve working processes in order to provide efficient data collection and management.  In today's environment mobile working options are increasingly important and in addition to dedicated mobile working functions across Asprey Assets, our App development programme currently offers two innovative solutions:

Compliance Apps
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15% Off All Items

Asbestos Look Up

Key to proactive asbestos management, is the ability to make relevant information readily available when they need it.

The Asbestos Look Up App is an economical solution provided with a single one off licence fee, regardless of user numbers.

  • Delivers clear visibility of information

  • Client controlled user access

  • Simple search features

  • Macro and Micro data

  • Maintains full and comprehensive audit trail

Rapid roll-out with simple download from provided URL or Google Play.

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15% Off All Items

Action Manager

Rapid roll-out with simple download from provided URL or Google Play.

Improve compliance management with simple allocation of tasks and the capture of live action updates alongside associated evidence. 

Action Manager is an efficient and effective solution delivering live compliance updates quickly and simply.

  • Intuitive navigation for live updates on asbestos, fire safety legionella and asset safety

  • Users can quickly access assigned tasks

  • Create or amend action plans and upload associated evidence on-site

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