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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Exceptional Information

Asprey offers Aspire BI, a central on-line system for Option Appraisal which delivers effective Stock option appraisals, New Build and Acquisition Appraisals offering exceptional insight into investment options.

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Think In New Dimensions

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Imagination at Work


Any element of Asprey Assets is delivered with 'out of the box' in-built business intelligence features, offering exceptional and easy to use visualisations with immediate access to macro and micro data.

Delivering organisational wide transparency with intuitive standard and user designed dashboards and reports, providing BI for the masses, with no expensive licensing or training requirements.

360 Degree Asset View
HQ vs Forecast Dash
Planned Works Dash
Services Dash
Survey Dash
Surveys Repairs Dash
There's an Intelligence Analyst in all of us


A comprehensive range of existing dashboards which have been designed by our experienced data management consultants, offers an immediately accessible single version of the truth from one reliable central source.


With limited training requirements, authorised users can amend existing dashboards and design their own dashboards and reports to meet any emerging business need.

Business wide insightful analytics - KPIs Multi function combined reporting - Immediate access to live performance status - Instant Macro and Micro data & information      


Take the guesswork out of decision making
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Icon Driven Switchboard

Quick and simple access to all operational functions and central security access management

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Interactive Dashboards

Plug and Play interactive visualisations for reporting and data analytics

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Dedicated Board Portal

Senior management and board member portal with interactive dashboard displays

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360 Degree Asset View

View headline data for single assets alongside mapping and street view

Visual and Informative

Delivers improved visibility of organisation performance for practical and efficient intervention at all levels

Simplifies the complex for proactive operational and strategic decision making

Satisfies senior levels with improved and immediate accessible management data

Simply great business intelligence


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