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About Us

Asprey Solutions is an innovative software company and management consultancy formed in 2002 to take over the asset management business of BPG, a BRE subsidiary.

We deliver comprehensive asset management solutions and an extensive range of consultancy services provided by a highly experienced team.

Sharing Expertise

Where business knowledge is key

Asprey Management Solutions Ltd (“Asprey”) has provided commercially proven software solutions and supporting services to the social housing sector since 2002.  Our focus is holistic asset management, providing a comprehensive best of breed solution to assist our customers in managing the wide-ranging demands of today’s complex environment.  With extensive and continued investment in our dedicated asset management solutions, we ensure our clients have the latest technologies, tools and advice on hand to manage current and future demands.

As early adopters of Microsoft’s BI technologies, we are keen evangelists of big data in housing and asset management.  In addition to our dedicated solution delivering unsurpassed strategic options intelligence and insights, Asprey has built a reputation for delivering innovative Business Intelligence projects, mining better analytics and information from our own and third-party systems.

We provide consultancy services to a number of customers of our competitors looking to obtain improved information from their incumbent systems.

Our BI expertise and products inform our customers’ macro-level decision making, whilst guiding our product evolution and ensuring clients create and manage reliable micro-level data for the modern social housing enterprise.

Asprey products enable sound portfolio and business stream investment decisions.  They also flex for imminent changes that may revolutionise the needs of tenants and their providers.

Benefits of an Asset Management Focussed Partner

With over twenty years in social housing asset, compliance and works management, we truly understand this area.

Asprey provide sound best-practice advice from its corporate wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications.

Products, training 'accessible' support and advice, provide tailored solutions for our clients

Blue Personal Objects

Independent providers of asset management solutions with extensive sector experience

No sales team ensuring purchase and project continuity and associated expertise

Microsoft partner guaranteeing quality solutions with ease of use and data accessibility key

FOC advisory helpline for asset management business side advice

Extensive & continuous R&D programme aiding users with the latest technologies and solutions

FOC annual data health check to aid our users and support forecasting validity

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