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Works and Contracts Management

Simply Exceptional Control

Whether managing discrete projects of multiple high value programmes, whether the work is outsourced, or handled internally, programme management and the processes that surround it are critical in managing one of the highest property management spend areas

High Performance Delivered


Asprey Contracts delivers exceptional visibility of works programmes, improved control, management of variations, risk and process and warranties, alongside meticulous financial handling of works, whether working in open book partnering arrangements or tendered contracts.

Transforming works management Asprey Contracts drives efficiency improvements through effective control of scope, cost, quality and deadlines, with managed contractor users, to deliver immediate ROI.

A Trusted Solution

A powerful, commercially proven solution, utilised by client managing small scale works to high value complex programmes.

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For All Major Home Appliances

  • Comprehensive works management from any location

  • Simple navigation and data visualisation features

  • Real time updates with mobile working options

  • Extensive financial and budgetary management with forecast cash flows

  • RAG for time and cost measures

  • In-built key business controls

  • Variation, risk and process management

  • Defect liability and warranty management

  • Bulk import and export with validation

  • Robustly manage capital, cyclical and voids programmes

  • Easy to use, commercially proven solution that simplifies the complex

  • Delivers exceptional control of cost, quality and deadlines

  • Provides accurate, timely information, to the right people

  • Ensures programme management integrity and reporting confidence

  • Transforms business processes and enables digital transformation

  • Innovative in-built BI delivers prompt access to insightful information

  • Offers performance transparency across the organisation and chosen external partners

  • Delivers simplified and streamlined administration

  • Drives operational cost and time savings

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