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Strategic Asset Management

Asset Rationalisation and Option Appraisal

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Designed and developed by Asprey's Business Intelligence division, AspireBI is a self-serve comprehensive option appraisal toolkit which is key to our clients demonstrating sound custodianship and investment decision making.

Utilising the latest BI technologies, AspireBI enlightens strategic decision making and cements asset value consensus across an organisation.  Insights into optimising investments improves efficiency of management efforts from a reliable central source. 

Turn insights into action and accelerate sound decision making

Stock Rationalisation

Insights into stock values and performance improves effectiveness of management efforts from better shared knowledge immediately

Identifying Options

Many books and papers have been written on the subject of property option appraisal, many more on investment and divestment theory generally.  In property management we have observed a number of approaches to the topic over the last 20 years; some innovative, but few that substantially reduced subjectivity within the process.

Our approach uses modern data mining tools but originates from the fundamentals of investment theory, to provide our clients with data, information and methodologies that enable them to identify the social, financial, and strategic 'opportunity costs' of each investment and to robustly rank varied options.

Eliminates repeated, expensive third-party appraisals

Cements Board understanding and engagement

Cements organisation wide consensus on asset values and their drivers

Minimises subjectivity in identifying investment-worthiness

Expedites the decision making process and supports decision evidence

Offers a consistent methodology and framework for future appraisals

Supports building a stronger and sustainable position for your business

Initiates continuous improvement and measurable results of interventions


Peabody is one of the City's oldest and largest social housing landlords, with 66,000 homes across London and the South East.

Focus your management efforts effectively with self-serve asset value rationalisation and analytics.

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