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Compliance Management

Better Software for a Safer Tomorrow

Management and evidence of compliance is essential in today's property management environment.  Regulated and day to day operations involve many activities that generate masses of compliance data, often held in disparate media, managed by different departments.

Asprey Compliance ensures that ALL activities are managed intuitively and robustly, giving instant access to data and headline risks via innovative in-built analytics and comprehensive reporting.

Available as a single solution or mix of integrated functions.

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Servicing & Inspection

User friendly functions deliver comprehensive administration with compliance planning and process management.

Includes key business controls and extensive financial management of servicing contracts for all internal and external partners.


Simplifies Asbestos risk management and delivers quick access to any level of data, for any user, from any location.

Streamlines risk management with efficient data collection and bulk upload functions, along with dedicated asbestos task management and evidentiary control.

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Fire Safety

Ensures sensible processes are followed whilst easily collecting and maintaining the detailed data sets required for each property type, along with effective reporting.

Comprehensive remedial works management functions proactively ensures all remedial actions are completed and recorded alongside appropriate evidence.


Simplifies the complex requirements for water safety management for surveyors, landlords and works delivery operatives.

Drives efficiency improvements and effectiveness of actions management.

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Asset Safety

Flexible, multi-purpose solution for any type of risk assessment, including property MOTs and guided, detailed HHSRS assessments.

Allows users to efficiently assess assets, proactively manage any resulting identifies risk, and manage closure of any outstanding tasks.

If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance

Former US Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty

Offers intuitive and robust management of multiple compliance areas

Provides a single, rationalised version of the truth

Ensures detailed action and evidence management

Delivers the right information, at the right time, to the right people

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