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Business Intelligence's role in Risk and Compliance Management

Regulatory compliance is an imperative for social landlords. From protecting tenant safety to maintaining the confidence of lenders and driving investment decisions, it is a major responsibility.

Each social landlord may have different risks and risk levels to manage, but all are under increased scrutiny in the aftermath of Grenfell. Boards and Executives are ultimately responsible for health & safety and they must ensure their organisations understand the risks they face and have controls in place to mitigate them.

With extensive, complex regulatory and best practise demands from gas, electric and other servicing needs, asbestos, fire risk, legionella and HHSRS, it’s hard to think of many instances where precise and prompt reporting and analytics is more vital at all levels of the organisation.

Asprey Compliance is a cloud-based solution designed specifically for social housing landlords to support robust management, audit and improvement of these critical risk areas. It offers a comprehensive range of operational compliance management functions and delivers an organisation-wide ‘single version of the truth’.

As well as managing operations and KPIs, Asprey’s interactive dashboards offer instant access to all macro and micro level data for complete performance transparency to provide assurance to Board and senior managers allowing them to:

  • View and analyse the effectiveness of health & safety arrangements

  • Help clearly evidence board ownership of health & safety performance

  • Use data and information to improve decision making

  • Clearly demonstrate excellent governance

We have an established prestigious client base of housing associations, public sector organisation and charities across the UK.


bpha’s compliance management required an easy-to-use solution, readily accessible insightful information across all compliance areas, administrative economies, and comprehensive risk management control.

Asprey’s compliance suite, particularly the servicing and inspection function, certainly delivered on this. It’s a really powerful but simple to use and well-structured solution, which, at the touch of a button provides us with a simple live management view of our compliance status with the ability to drill into lower levels of information as needed. We can now view and report quickly, simply and consistently from a single source.

As our sole system for managing all our servicing and inspection processes, it has not only improved reporting and clarity, but has reduced our admin burden and provided exceptional control features with its in-built automation, allowing us to achieve 99% automation on our gas servicing.

I would highly recommend this solution to anyone looking to improve visibility and process control whilst reducing administration and reporting efforts.

Paul Cook Director of Property Services and Compliance


Intuitive and Economical Solution

Asprey Compliance delivers:

  • One Central online system for compliance management with effective co-ordination, evidence and control

  • Simple consolidation of compliance planning, management and reporting - effortlessly

  • Instant access to data and headline risk information

  • Provision of the right information, at the right time, to the right people

  • Rapid payback through transformational processes and data economies

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