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Flagship sign with Asprey

Flagship Group signs a three-year deal for Asprey Assets

Flagship Group owns over 32,000 homes throughout the east of England, collaborating closely with 20 local authorities. Flagship is deeply committed to bolstering the local economy by fostering opportunities for individuals through employment, education, and training initiatives. With a workforce of over 1,500 individuals, Flagship has garnered acclaim for its exceptional apprenticeship programmes.


Driven by a steadfast dedication to addressing the housing crisis, Flagship is committed not only to providing homes but also to creating sustainable communities. Recognising that this entails more than simply increasing the number of affordable homes, Flagship invests in existing properties, develops its technologies and implements innovative service delivery strategies.


In support of this work, Flagship has recently entered a strategic three-year partnership with Asprey Management Solutions, securing Asprey Assets—a comprehensive operational asset management and planned works management solution—to enhance its operations.


Charlie Conley, Head of Asset Investment at Flagship, said: “We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Asprey, which will provide us with a new asset database that will enhance our use of data and reporting.


“The partnership is also providing us with a platform for more detailed investment planning in our homes. Our surveyors will be able to report on the condition and improvements required on our properties more easily and we will be able to action those recommendations more effectively.”


David Ellis, Operations Director at Asprey said: “Our solution is unique in this sector. Beyond its expansive and adaptable functionality, tailored to meet the intricate demands of landlords, it provides unparalleled transparency through user-friendly business intelligence and analytics tools. These empower social housing providers to effectively gauge their performance regarding property condition and facilitate informed decision-making for investment strategies”.

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