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HHSRS and Habitable Homes

Managing the risk of property disrepair

Whilst the Housing Health & Safety Rating system has been part of Decent Homes assessments since 2006, the introduction of the Homes (fitness for human habitation) Act 2018, the subsequent rise in tenant disrepair claims and recent unfitness publicity in the sector means that HHSRS is now a critical element of asset and compliance management.

Whilst asset management solutions might calculate HHSRS impact within its assessments, our dedicated cloud enabled HHSRS management tool goes much further for comprehensive, proactive management and resolution of any disrepair claim.

Asprey's solution offers simple and assisted assessment collection and scoring, with dedicated proactive issue and recommendation management, alongside tenant disrepair tracking to ensure you can fully control and manage risk avoidance and mitigation.


  • Simple mobile HHSRS assessment

  • Context sensitive help and guidance

  • Automatic risk calculation

  • Statistical background for each hazard

  • Justification record for likelihood and outcome

  • Photo and document evidence collection

  • Dedicated risk mitigation task management


  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Simple navigation and data visualisation

  • Traffic light warning of risk for easy management

  • Powerful search features

  • Bulk import and export functions

  • Detailed audit trail

  • Comprehensive reporting and business intelligence features


  • Manage HHSRS and disrepair claims from any location

  • Delivers transparency of information and data

  • Cost effective and transformational solution

  • Drives efficiency improvements and effectiveness of management processes

  • Fully support risk mitigation activities

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