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Welsh social housing landlords are facing significant challenges in meeting their targets in the upcoming years. The Welsh Government has underscored the magnitude of these challenges, with the introduction of WHQS23 in October 2023 representing one of the most substantial shifts in social housing standards in over two decades.


While certain aspects of WHQS23 remain consistent with previous standards, it also imposes a fresh and demanding set of criteria for social landlords to adhere to, encompassing additional requirements concerning Affordable Warmth and Environmental Impact, Flooring, Water Efficiency, Biodiversity, Active Travel, and Noise Nuisance.


There are a lot of changes around energy with additional requirements for landlords to produce a Whole Stock Assessment of Energy Performance and Target Energy Pathway for each property by March 2027.

Of particular note are the extensive changes pertaining to energy efficiency, with landlords now obligated to produce a Whole Stock Assessment of Energy Performance and Target Energy Pathway for each property by March 2027. This Target Energy Pathway outlines a road map for enhancing energy efficiency, including ensuring heating systems are economically viable, meeting specified standards for home heating, and minimising carbon emissions.

How Asprey Can Assist

For over two decades, Asprey has been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to the social housing sector. Our cutting-edge asset management solution offers intuitive, comprehensive functionalities designed to streamline the analysis and reporting processes for WHQS Standards, cost forecasting, works planning, and energy efficiency modelling. Powered by Intelligent Energy, our platform facilitates zero net carbon analysis and planning, enabling users to make informed decisions aligned with energy objectives and supports ORP funding bids.


Our solution not only includes a wide array of standard reports but also features a robust BI & Reporting portal, consolidating operational data into visually appealing and easily understandable formats. With real-time data updates and the flexibility to generate customised reports, our platform ensures organisational transparency without the need for costly licensing or extensive training.

Specifically tailored to address energy concerns and Target Energy Pathways, our platform enables swift generation and evaluation of energy improvement plans, allowing users to assess the impact of proposed works on overall costs and compliance with WHQS requirements.


Whilst Government has yet to determined the format for TEP reports, our business intelligence and reporting function enables users to generate reports and outputs in any format they choose, ensuring that you will be ready to report as soon as the format design is finalised.



Features include:

·         Streamlined asset management accessible from any location

·         Intuitive analysis and reporting functionalities

·         Comprehensive assessment of WHQS standards

·         Detailed maintenance cost projections and works planning capabilities

·         Extensive energy efficiency and zero net carbon analysis tools

·         Scenario modelling for informed decision-making

·         Efficient data maintenance with validated import/export features

·         Powerful built-in business intelligence and analytics with interactive dashboards and bespoke report generation

·         Mobile data capture with integrated validation mechanisms


Contact us today for a no-obligation demonstration and discover how Asprey can empower your organisation to meet and exceed evolving social housing standards

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