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Why Best-Of-Breed is Better

Making the right choice for Asset Management

Choosing the right asset management solution to support the management of social housing properties presents organisations with a diverse array of options and advice, aimed at securing reliable, adaptable systems for the future. The initial decision can significantly narrow these options, as organisations typically consider one of several approaches:

  • Opting for a comprehensive 'single solution' that encompasses both housing and asset management.

  • Exploring the development of an ERP System or leveraging Dynamics as an all-in-one solution.

  • Selecting 'Best of Breed' solutions that allow for modern integration techniques.

  • Pursuing traditional development routes, either in-house or through external consultants.


In navigating these decisions, organisations encounter advocates for each of the pathways mentioned, each with its own set of promises and pitfalls and other factors may influence your procurement approach – relationship with current supplier, IT strategy and policy, economic ideology etc. 

Obviously as an independent asset management systems provider since the millennium, we assert that ‘Best of Breed’ is the only solution that adequately addresses the multifaceted, evolving asset management requirements of landlords both functionally and economically. 


Our rationale, borne from our years of experience in this sector is explained, by exploring the above options - Read more here...

Why Best-of-Breed is Better
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