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Damp and Mould

Damp and Mould management is an important issue for the health and well-being of residents. Social Housing providers are well aware of their responsibility to ensure that their properties are kept free from damp and mould and to address any issues that arise promptly.

Whilst initial findings from the Regulator of Social Housing’s review in February this year reported some strong responses in relation to overall strategy and processes to manage damp and mould, they also stated that most providers could strengthen their approach in some areas, and that a proactive approach should be undertaken, rather than a reactive approach (which of course may be due to the use of responsive repairs systems to manage the large increase in related incoming tenant calls due to recent publicity). In addition, they suggested an improvement in assurance, oversight and understanding of the condition of tenants’ homes.

However, a recent survey* has stated that 42% of housing providers still do not know which of their properties have damp and mould problems, nor their severity.

In addition to tenant well-being, intense scrutiny from social media, newspapers, TV, politicians, consumer regulation, and the launch of the Tenant Satisfaction Measures, damp and mould management has become an important issue; but it is not the only important compliance area, merely the one in focus.

Many compliance areas can seriously impact tenant well-being and safety, and they all require consistent attention, which demands more than adequate management processes and quick access to accurate information.

Holistic and Proactive Compliance Management

Compliance Management of social housing stock requires a proactive and multi-faceted approach. As an experienced solutions provider in this sector, we recognize the importance of a comprehensive compliance management system with data-supported monitoring media, to overcome challenges such as:

· Large data volumes and inconsistencies

· Prompt data access for all relevant stakeholders

· Silo/departmental boundaries restricting information flows

· The lack of a full compliance picture for management

· Understanding this complex data area

· Confidence in the speed and accuracy of reported information

Our solution, Asprey Compliance, aims to meet the needs of users and departments at all levels, and provide robust methodologies to ensure all data is as accurate as possible and delivers prompt, insightful information on organisational performance in all risk areas, for operatives, management, Board, etc, to ensure proactive risk management and demonstrate sound asset custodianship.

Comprehensive Solution for Specialist Users and Departments

Social housing landlords have diverse needs across differing departments and user roles. Our centralised compliance management solution is designed to cater to these differing requirements, providing specialised tailored modules, and delivering essential features such as evidence, document management, and real time reporting.

With evolving legislation and guidance having the potential need for more data collection and evaluation, we have future-proofed our solution, ensuring that via simple configuration changes, you can adapt the solution to meet emerging needs, without having to wait for new version releases.

Essential Data Accuracy

Asprey Compliance prioritises data integrity and employs robust data validation mechanisms to create accurate and reliable information. By leveraging automation and validation rules, we minimize the risk of errors and discrepancies in data entry, enabling landlords to have confidence in the reported compliance status of their housing stock.

Embracing Big Data and Business Intelligence

As early adopters of BI technologies we are keen evangelists of Big Data in housing and recognise the power of leveraging big data to unlock valuable insights. We have a proven record of delivering innovative business intelligence solutions and projects in the social housing sector.

Transparency and visibility of organisational performance are vital for demonstrating good asset custodianship. Our solution provides readily accessible and intuitive interactive dashboards, and reports that offer real-time insights into key performance indicators across various areas. From frontline operatives to management and board members, all levels of stakeholders can access and understand performance metrics, facilitating data-driven decision- making and fostering accountability.

Asprey Compliance provides a Business Intelligence and Reporting layer which utilises innovative data visualisation techniques, and transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, empowering users to make informed decisions, gain valuable insights, initiate timely management interventions and improve operational efficiency. All without the need for any in-depth technical knowledge or excessive licence fees.

Demonstrate proper asset custodianship and transform your operations

  • One central online system with comprehensive, integrated functions for effective co-ordination, evidence and control across ALL compliance areas

  • Flexible design with user driven changes for quick responses to legislative and reporting changes

  • Quick and easy data gathering, maintenance and validation

  • Inexpensive method of providing shared knowledge and understanding across your organisation

  • Rapid payback through transformational processes and data economies

Asprey Compliance is utilised by most of our prestigious client base of housing associations, public sector organisations and charities across the UK.

At Asprey, we are dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for our social housing clients. With our extensive experience, ongoing investment in products and services, and commitment to utilising the latest technology, we deliver a best-of-breed solution that empowers landlords to effectively manage compliance, drive operational efficiency, and demonstrate good asset custodianship. By embracing Big Data and Business Intelligence, we enable landlords to unlock valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, ultimately improving the quality of social housing for residents and the communities they serve.

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